The Union of Bulgarian Artists announces international architectural competition

: The National Exhibition Centre at 6, Shipka Str., Sofia, Bulgaria. Photo: © artnovini.comSOFIA. The Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA; bulgarian: Съюз на българските художници; СБХ) announces a competition for Preparation of a conceptual architectural project for reconstruction, renovation and facade design of the National Exhibition Centre at 6, Shipka Str., Sofia, Bulgaria, announced

Goal of the competition

To collect, evaluate and select architectural ideas on:

- An improved space arrangement of the interior of the building while preserving its main function, namely organizing of art exhibitions of any kind (national, international, solo, group etc.) and of all forms of contemporary and traditional art.

- It is expected that the above mentioned improvement should bring the building in conformity with all valid sanitary and fire-precaution standards, as well as with the requirements for accessibility in the urban environment.

- A new facade design that would result from the overall renovation of the building and should be aesthetically and structurally bound to the offered changes in the inner spaces.

- Re-design and utilization of the rooftop of the building.

Type of the competition

The competition for the architectural project is international, general, open, single with one stage, between legal entities and/or natural persons that are qualified Architects.

The full competition program could be found here:

Competition program UBA.

Registration and expenses for participation

The expenses for the preparation and presentation of the projects for the competition are to be covered by the participants.

The price of the Competition Documentation is BGN 120 (one hundred and twenty) or EUR 65 (sixty five).

The purchase of the Competition Documentation is mandatory for participation in the Competition.

The purchase of the Competition Documentation serves as a registration for participation as well.

The purchase of one set Competition Documentation entitles the respective participant to submit only one project without any additional variants.

One participant can submit as many projects as Competition Documentation sets they have purchased.

At the purchase of a Competition Documentation a receipt bearing the name of the purchaser should be issued. That receipt should be also presented by the submission of the respective project.

The receipt for purchase of Competition Documentation with the name of the participant cannot be transferred to another person for participation in the Competition.

The candidates for participation in the competition have right to familiarize themselves with the Competition Documentation on the spot before buying it.

The Competition Program shall be published on the web site of the Competition’s Principal.

The Competition Documentation could be purchased at the Accounting Department of UBA, 6 Shipka Str. (floor 4), Sofia from 10:00 to 17:00 in working days. It is also possible to make the payment for it through a bank transfer to the following bank accounts:

In Euro (EUR):
IBAN: BG40PIRB74021717014628, BIC: PIRBBGSSF

In Levs (BGN):
IBAN: BG47UNCR76301078576926, BIC: UNCRBGSF

A Competition Documentation set that has been purchased could also be sent by the Competition’s Principal to a Candidate via email at an address specified by the purchaser. For this to happen, the Principal shall expect to receive beforehand (at ) a payment bill copy proving that the desired amount has been paid to the respective bank account by the candidate.

By purchasing the Competition Documentation the participant accepts in full its requirements and rules and has not right to litigate them at a later point in time.


The Competition’s Principal shall appoint a nine-member Jury consisting of five independent professionals (architects) and four representatives of UBA that will have the responsibility to review and rate the Competition projects.

Besides the principal body, formed by the above mentioned members, the Jury has four reserves (two architects and two UBA representatives) that would replace any principal member who, for whatever reason, is not capable to perform their duty as juror.

The members (principal and reserve) of the Jury shall be announced on the web page of the Competition.

The members of the Jury are equal in rights.

Competition schedule:

Official announcement of the competition -
Registration of the participants -
14.01.2014 – 28.02.2014;
Answering possible questions of the participants -
14.01.2014 – 14.03.2014;
Deadline for submission of projects for the competition -
by 17:00 hrs. on 07.04.2014;
Review of the submitted projects by the technical committee -
31.03.2014 – 30.04.2014;
Jurying -
20.04.2014 – 30.04.2014;
Exhibition of the submitted projects -
07.05.2014 – 17.05.2014;
Return of the non-awarded projects -



The total prize money of the Competition amounts to BGN 24,000 (twenty four thousand) or EUR 12,271 (twelve thousand two hundred and seventy-one).

Each of the first three projects classed by the jury shall be awarded BGN 8,000 (eight thousand).

The Competition’s Principal in the person of UBA shall choose one of these three awarded projects to be realized and shall make a contract with its Author for preparation of the next project stages.

If the chosen Participant is a non-Bulgarian architect, they should find a proper legal way to qualify for work in Bulgaria in accordance with the rules of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria.

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СБХ обяви международен конкурс за реновирането на сградата на „Шипка” 6
(16 януари 2014 г.)

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