Leading International Architects: Outstanding Architecture in Danger?

Science Secondary School at Kinkplatz.  Photo:  © Walter Chramoska / Außenansicht der Informatik-Mittelschule von Helmut Richter (1994)International Architecture Committee alerted!

Petition by leading international architects for the appreciation of Helmut Richter and the preservation of his outstanding contemporary building in Vienna.

VIENNA. In June of this year the Austrian architect Helmut Richter (1941-2014) died. Richter is one of the key architects of the late architecture-modernism. His 1994 finished Science Secondary School at Kinkplatz in Vienna is one of the most prominent educational buildings in the country. Only a few months after politicians and the press praised – on the occasion of Richter’s death – his oeuvre and the importance of modern architecture, rumors of part-demolition plans of the school alert the international architectural community, announced A B Communications.

Screenshot of A B CommunicationsA prestigious committee of leading international architects such as Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, Dominique Perrault as well as central actors of Austrian Architecture alerted against any form of a possible barbaric act. The Helmut Richter Committee urges the respectful and appreciative use of the extraordinary work of Richter.

To date, Helmut Richter’s architecture proves to be groundbreaking and his work has a lasting effect in the diverse work of his students. The school’s glass structure, which is regarded as Richter’s architectural masterpiece, is threatened by a planned conversion. It is essential to modern architecture in Austria to prevent the destruction of this central work of Helmut Richter.

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